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These articles are my comments on the current corona madness, based on the analysis of publicly available data.

Update 12.04.2020 Full speed into the economic abyss.

Deadly contact barriers
Old people and people in need of care are lonely and abandoned

By Ulrich Brunhuber

For the supporters of the current "shutdown" and the almost total suspension of our fundamental rights, good and evil are clearly divided: Those who are in favour want to save lives; those who are against it and criticise it, by trivialising Corona, cause people to become careless - they risk lives. Things are not quite so simple, however. Many nursing staff are currently absent from hospitals because they have to look after their children at home or are themselves in quarantine. Loneliness and desperation drive the psychologically weakest members of society to their deaths. The omnipresent corona opportunism not only means mental abuse of millions of citizens, it will also cost lives.

At the Federal Press Conference on 26 March 2020, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said: "The reputation that the Robert Koch Institute has internationally and in Europe is particularly noticeable at this time, because the expertise is also in demand. He is therefore well aware of the responsibility that the Robert Koch Institute has with this opinion leadership in dealing with the coronavirus and the ordered contact blocks.

Last but not least, the assessment of the head of the Robert Koch Institute, the veterinarian Lothar H. Wieler, and the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, banker, has contributed to the emergence of a tragic catastrophe that has cost and continues to cost the lives of thousands of needy and helpless people around the world.
This worldwide development in countries with an extensive contact ban is very clearly illustrated by the example of Italy. At the beginning of March 2020, most of the Eastern European nursing staff who worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Italy to care for those in need of care left the country in a hurry. This was mainly due to the panic-mongering of the Robert Koch Institute about the coronavirus and the curfews and border closures threatened by the "EU emergency governments".
As a result, old people in need of care and disabled people, some without relatives and abandoned by their carers, were left helpless. Many of these abandoned people then landed after a few days in the hospitals in Italy, which have been permanently hopelessly overburdened for years and which have had major problems with multi-resistant germs for years because the bankrupt state does not provide them with sufficient funds.

In addition, at that time, the hospitals lacked the many mothers who had to look after their children locked up in their apartments because schools and kindergartens had been closed. The population was urged to stay at home under threat of draconian punishments.
This flood of abandoned people in need of care then led to the complete collapse of care for the disabled and the elderly and to chaotic conditions. The tragedy took and takes its course. The nursing emergency, which was caused by the panic, led temporarily to many deaths among the patients in need of care and increasingly among younger patients in the hospitals.
These deaths then served to cause even more panic among those in charge and the media, who reported, for example, "another 475 deaths", "The dead are being removed from the hospitals by the army", accompanied by pictures of coffins lined up and army trucks. This was the result of the funeral directors' fear of the "killer virus", who therefore refused their services. Moreover, on the one hand there were too many deaths at once and on the other hand the government had passed a law that the corpses carrying the coronavirus had to be cremated. In Italy, only a few cremations had been carried out by that date. Therefore, the few small crematoria very quickly reached their limits. The deceased therefore had to be laid out in different churches.
In conversation, Maria Popa* from Vaslui in Romania reports that she feels very bad because she left the 97-year-old Guiseppe Martini* behind alone. As a nurse employed in the black economy, she lived with the old man in a small apartment in Bergamo. But she was afraid that she would not be able to return to her family because of the threatening border closures. Normally, she alternates with her friend Ioana Nan* every three months in the care of the old man, who is restricted in his movement. When she went out once, the neighbour woke up with him for a few hours.
Giuseppe Martini has no relatives and was dependent on the help of Maria Popa. Maria did the cooking for a few more days and went shopping once more before leaving the old man alone. They both cried when they said goodbye because they knew that it would be a goodbye forever. She also cried when she got into the minibus that took her home to her family.
Nursing homes at that time did not have any more possibilities to take in people, because many carers - as mentioned above - now had to look after their children and sang "Bella Ciao" on the balcony, while the elderly people in a similar situation as Giuseppe just died. What kind of suffering must have taken place in the homes for severely disabled people?

The European comparison
In principle, this development was the same in all countries. However, the quality of the health care system has a considerable influence on the impact of the corona pandemic.
This is why there are fewer problems in Germany, Austria or Switzerland than in Italy, Spain or the USA.
But as can be seen from the official figures, the mortality rate does not increase significantly. Only a small mountain comes from this tragedy. The website https://www.euromomo.eu/outputs/zscore_country_total.html shows this very well.
In Germany, relatively few people actually died in the same period of time as last year. The average age at death is around 80 years, which corresponds to the average life expectancy of EU citizens. In Sweden, whose government only gives behavioural recommendations and bans major events, there are no problems, as many virologists from Germany have predicted. Mortality is at a low level.
The experts of the Robert Koch Institute should have checked the mortality first, as these figures are a sure indicator of the danger of a virus. It is also necessary to check in which environment people die and how ill they have already been. The second indicator is the average age of death of "corona victims", which is around 80 years worldwide, which corresponds to the average life expectancy of the respective region. Assessing COVID-19 as a dangerous viral disease was wrong from the beginning and not justified because there was no evidence of it.
The majority of doctors recognized this. But only two experts were consulted: the veterinarian of the Robert Koch Institute and Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten from the Charité, who as the developer of the first coronate test was actually in a conflict of interest. Together with politicians from all parties and with the help of dependent media, the virologist Drosten discredited all colleagues with dissenting opinions. Among its victims are Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and many others.

Unjustified interference with human rights
In no way does this basically normal variant of the coronavirus justify the economic and social destruction caused by the lockdown, which is likely to result in many deaths. Neither does it justify the profound interference with human rights by the deprivation of the population's freedom and the completely absurd demand for face masks to be worn, which can certainly be seen as a symbol of subjugation.
Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Wieler, fire us daily with their panic-mongering, presenting figures on infected persons, without saying how many of them are in intensive care or under medical treatment. They also did not publish figures on the previous illnesses or the age of the infected and dead. They also withheld the exact current utilization of hospitals from the population. Journalists were excluded from the "live press conference" of the Robert Koch Institute. Only a few selected journalists were allowed to send an email with a question in advance, which was then answered after censorship with ready-made answers from the specialist veterinary surgeon Wieler.
Forced solitary confinement
Elderly people become lonely, are more and more panicked and stressed, the children go crazy in the small apartments because they can no longer play with their friends in isolation, so to speak. Coronate tests are now being planned to identify and qualify those at risk, those infected and those already immune! In order to be able to label, exclude or lock them away if necessary?

The consequences of the Federal Minister of Health's approach will above all bring terrible misery and suffering to the vulnerable members of our society. The financial damage that especially the "little people" and the middle class suffer is the profit for the banks as winners of the crisis.
In the media, this development is not comprehensively covered in journalism. Journalists copy from each other and feed the narrative of the Federal Minister of Health. Fake news is spread, such as pictures of crowds of people allegedly standing in front of hospitals in the USA, who can hardly withstand the onslaught, without mentioning that it is actually perfectly healthy people who want to have a "killer virus test". "Hospital in Wolfsburg can no longer admit corona patients", was the headline in the media on 30 March 2020, and concealed the fact that there was no problem at all with corona patients there, but that the hospital was closed because the staff was no longer allowed to work because of a positive "corona test".
Tests for virus carriers
"We are testing a lot and in a targeted way," said the Federal Minister of Health, thus refusing to test a representative group without conspicuous sick leave, for example the inhabitants of a city, in order to determine the actual number of virus carriers. The only reasonable way to find out what the actual proportion of sick people is underneath. In Romania, the Minister of Health, Dr. Victor Costache, a respected surgeon from Sibiu, handed in his resignation after he wanted to test a representative part of the population for this reason. However, this is not necessary because of the obvious harmlessness of the virus described above.
In Iceland, 23,640 people were tested by April 3, 2020. They represent the Icelandic society. One can see very clearly that the death rate in the representative group is 0.016 percent. These are 4 "victims" who have died. The figures are here, among other things

It's sad, but it's normal. However, it does mean that the virus is not as dangerous as they claim. It remains to be seen whether those responsible for this tragic development will be held accountable afterwards.

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*The names have been changed.

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